I Don’t Pray but I Talk to God

I don’t like talking about politics, religion,money, and COVID, but this has been on my mind so here I goes…..

When my niece passed I begged God to put me in her shoes but he didn’t do that. After she passed and I saw the damage that it did to my family I asked God to never let us have to deal with that type of thing again. I asked him to instead of having a child in our family suffer, put it on me. Any serious sickness or illness take me.

Since then I have had cancer, two liver transplant, and a list of illnesses longer than all of the Kardasishans relationships, combined. I haven’t prayed for him to take it easy on me, or even thanked him personally for keeping me alive, I just go about my life, deal with shit the best I can and keep it moving.

I don’t think it’s necessary to keep blowing up Gods inbox with the good and bad messages. To me praying has become a crutch for people not to deal with shit, or to even blame when shit goes wrong. I prefer to deal with my shit and I’m overly confident in myself because I know for a fact someone is looking out for me.

To me God is that friend you don’t need to hit up or acknowledge because he’s got us no matter what. When something happens I will look up or point to the sky but that’s it. Similar to head nod when you cut someone off in traffic and they don’t crash into you, or when you let someone cross the street while you hold up traffic. Acknowledge it then keep it moving FORWARD.

You wont catch me crying to God for help, or in a church worshiping him because I honestly don’t believe that’s what he wants. Life your life the best you can, give respect when its due and if a situation is negative do what you can to find the good and get through it.

God doesn’t require constant check ins, money in the collection plate, or praise for all that he’s gifted us with. He gave us life for us to live it and deal with things the best we can. If he did all this good and wanted us to worship him ( I strongly dislike the word worship) then he wouldn’t be any different than the jackasses we see on social media who do good things and post about it looking for a pat on the back.

This is strictly my opinion on Praying and Worship I am not smart, I don’t have a PHD in anything. I honestly don’t even know what PHD stands for. I did however have some wild dreams when I was in the hospital knocking on the doors of the afterlife. From what God told me when we talked, do what you can for others, leave every situation better than you left it, learn something new everyday, and if you’re really want to honor him, do it how you live your life. Sharing things on internet, giving money to the church, going to church, and spending 2 hours a day praying isn’t going to secure your spot with him.

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