The Sandlot Mindset

The Sandlot is full of great quotes, moments, and lessons in sports and life. You’re killing me smalls, L-7 Weenie, hero’s get remember, but legends never die.

Taking a risk on a girl out of your league and eventually marrying her. Pickling the beast, Smalls going out to try baseball, the team not really wanting him to play but Benny being a leader and explaining why he will play.

Don’t over think things just keep trying. When your friend does something dumb like us a baseball signed by some lady named babe. Do whatever it takes to help them. Be creative and try different ways to do things, even if it looks silly.

Don’t chew tobacco especially at a carnival, lace up your sneaks and face your fears, don’t always assume things, go find out for themselves. Because sometimes the mean guy is really a nice guy.

Own your mistakes. If you take something and get caught don’t make excuses or blame others. Hold yourself accountable. You might still get grounded but at least you’ll gain some trust and respect.

I really could go on and on about how this movie is great beyond the obvious but what stands out to me the most and a huge reason why I am able to do what I do is this….

Make the best of what you have and don’t worry about what others have. Benny could easily play for anytime he wanted. With the best uniforms, best fields and kids who LOOK like better ball players. But he doesn’t because none of that stuff really matters. No matter the situation you can still be great if you can find a way to focus on the good, surround yourself with people who are willing to put in the work, unless you feel like it’s hotter than a toasted cheeser.

With everything we’ve done over the past 5 years with sports we have never had the best of anything but what we do is we always make the best of everything. We are developing boys to not only be athletes but also decent human beings. If we dropped our crew off at a field they would be able to figure out how to organize a game and they would let everyone play no matter what.

No complaining and focusing on what’s not there or who’s not available. Just making the most of what we have and finding a way to have fun AND get better.

So if you see us playing or training and it’s not state of the art anything and we have some used equipment don’t spend to much time judging or laughing at us. Because while you’re making assumptions we are still focused and working on our craft and getting better. So when we beat you and your shiny bikes, matching uniforms, and sponsored fields don’t be mad be aware that none of that stuff matters. What matters is your passion and desire to be better no matter the situation.

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