Afraid of Fear or Fear being Afraid

By definition  AFRAID  is a feeling of fear or anxiety; frightened. While FEAR is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. So now I kinda confused myself,  do I fear being afraid or am I afraid of fear…. Think about that… I think I am more afraid or my fears than I fear being afraid, let me explain.

Ok so I am afraid of a few things snakes, something happening to my kids, and a lot of other things but I don’t think I fear anything. Death used to scare be but I’ve done that like 5 times now, its not so scary. The thought of things can make you afraid but you don’t have to fear them. Like snakes I don’t want to touch them, be near them, or even think about them. But if I see a snake I’ll fuck it up. I worry a lot about what could happen to my kids but if I am there I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure nothing happens to them. 

(Im not sure where I am trying to go with this but it has my wheels spinning so I have to put it on “paper” or it will keep me up all night.)

I guess the point of this is to help me and maybe you realize that it is 100 percent ok to be afraid of things, but don’t let the fear consume you. If you spend your entire life afraid of what could happen you’ll Neve know what could have happened. 

 I wear a necklace with a snake in a striking position looking right at me as a reminder to face my fears and not be afraid.  Everyday we are going to be challenged and afraid to make decisions.  In sports and life you have to make decisions or they will be made for you. Swing the bat or strike out, take the shot or lose the game, start the business or work for someone else’s dream, quit the job and be with your family, follow the group or walk away. The choice is always going to be ours. Its scary especially when your choices can effect so many other people. And honestly things will fail far more than they will work out,  but you can’t let that stop you from DOING it 


Im not saying take every risk and go pick up a cobra. But if you end up face to face with that cobra don’t be afraid to show it who runs shit. We are the bosses of our lives, our fears set our limits. At the end of it all we are all going to die, so really what is there to be afraid of?

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