As a parent you want to protect your kids and family from anything that can hurt them. But if you don’t let them fall down, they won’t know how to get themselves back up.

Exposure your kids to stress and let them work through it.

Life doesn’t get any easier we get better at handling shit or…..

we make excuses, get depressed and eventually quit.

Sports and exercise are a great way to introduce stress and learning to work under unfavorable conditions.

There are few greater feelings than defeating the odds, but if you don’t prepare yourself or your family you won’t be able to keep your head above water.

Mental Illnesses are sky high and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Find an outlet that puts you in controlled stressful situations and learn to work through it.

You’ll feel better, you’ll be able to help others feel better, and most importantly… you’ll show your kids that even when shit gets dark we can shine bright.

Butttttttttt remember too much exposure is also a bad thing. We have to find the balance and slowly introduce ourselves and others to stressors and allow them to deal and cope at their own pace. Like when you add a new fish to your tank.

You don’t just dump them in. There’s levels to it.

Let them stay in their comfort zone until they water temps adjust. They can see all the new fish and they can see them. They just can’t touch either other yet.

When the time is right you let the fish out of the bag and hope they don’t attack or get attacked. Usually they keep to themselves and slowly become comfortable enough to join the group or learn to stick to themselves.

Regardless of the social interaction they adjust to the new stressors at their pace and find what works for them. Some become leaders, some just blend in, and some decide to just keep to themselves.

But they all adjust to the stressor at their own pace and preference. If you just dump them in. They usually go belly up pretty quick and if you never let them out of the bag they will eventually go belly up.

Find the balance learn to deal with your stress, teach others to do the same. Learn to recognize YOUR signs of when you’re getting anxious, slipping into depression, or getting stressed. It’s ok to not be ok, but it’s not ok to not deal with your shit. It’s not the worlds job to cater to our shit, we need to learn to adjust to the world.

Stop looking for excuses and start finding a way.

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