What is Success

How do you measure success? Is it internal? External? or a combination of both.

We tend to look at things to determine someone’s success, with little understanding of who the person is. Think of how many people we think have it all, who end up taking their own lives.

I love things and want more but I have also been to a place where none of those things matter. What mattered was who I was inside and the relationships I had with others.

If i could give a piece if advice to anyone it would be learn to watch people and distinguish the real from the fake. Invest in the relationship with yourself, the ones you love and people you’ve watched and can add value to your life.

Our time here is temporary, we are on a running clock with no time outs. We have a brief time to make this world a better place for the ones who follow. A big inheritance is something we wish we all could leave for our children and some of us will be able to. But even if you leave multi millions for your family whats the point of it if you don’t teach them how to enjoy it, in a positive way.

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