We are Born Confident

When it comes to confidence babies and little kids are elite. Think about when they take their first steps. They fall down and get back up repeatedly until they learn how to walk, then run. At no point do they give up on themselves and decide to sit forever. They simply do what feels right and they don’t care what anyone thinks. When they see an animal they are eager to check it out, it’s not until parents start yelling be careful and reacting do they start to develop fear. Next time you see a young kid fall don’t react, just watch. Yes he majority of the time they won’t start crying until they see the reactions of others.

They sing and dance for no reason, will wear anything they want no matter how silly they look. They couldn’t care less about the opinion of others until others start telling them you can’t wear that, or don’t sing and dance like that.

If you want to be great you need to be more like a baby. You can’t care what others will say, you will have to be willing to look a little crazy to others, simply because they don’t understand what it takes to excel. They are afraid to stand out and chase greatness.

Confidence is stepping out of what’s comfortable and taking the steps to reach your goals, even if it means you have to go at it alone. Tom Brady was told he wouldn’t last in the NFL, then after an amazing career he was told he was a system QB and couldn’t win outside of New England. So what’s he do, packs up for Tampa and wins another super bowl.

Confident people are a different breed, they are unbreakable because they’ve been broken over and over again already. That’s how they become confident, not from everyone gassing them up and cheering for them. But from being told what they can’t do and showing them what they can do. In the worst possible conditions, they still believe they are going to come out on top.

Being confident you can’t live in the past, remember what happened but don’t let it effect your ability to keep moving forward. Losing is going to happen but get over it quickly. Own it, move on show the confidence that it won’t happen again.

We are all flawed but the difference between confidence and insecurity is owning the flaws and not caring what others think. Hear the negativity but let it have a positive effect on you. Nothing will make the “haters” more upset.

The people and circumstances should never stand between you and what your goals are. You may not be able to control the situation but you have full control of yourself.

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