Pops Cultures mantra is better everyday, mentally, physically, spiritually. Its been some time since we’ve put anything out of Pops Culture. But trust me when I say it hasn’t stopped. If anything its gotten busier with a bigger community, bigger projects, and bigger goals. Our core group is now spread out on many different teams, sports, and work areas. The work and mindset doesn’t stop just because its not on social media.

Dave Chappelle put it perfectly when he said social media isn’t a real place. I think a lot of us have lost sight of that. We need to ditch the mindset of if its not on social media, it didn’t happen. Understand that if someone doesn’t have time to post things constantly on Social media. Maybe they are so focused on goals they don’t have time to post, are focusing on things privately to show results later, or have found happiness with stepping away from this new “normal”. Regardless of the reason respect it and find a path for you thats going to help you improve daily.

This post purpose is just to let y’all know. We haven’t stopped as lil Wayne would say. Real G’s move in silence like lasagna. So when we go quiet, we haven’t stopped. We are just working harder….

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