Fucget Average

Don’t tell me magic isn’t real. I’ve been cut in half twice and lived to talk about it.

I never worked out because I enjoyed it. I worked out because I wasn’t ok with being average. Currently I’m slightly below average but still better than most of you. I’m not “allowed” to lift more than 10lbs but have been approved to up my cardio 🤮.

So back by 0 demand, strictly because I want to.
Ill be backyard beasting it again. All are welcome it will most likely just be me and Aj

We complain about how lazy and unhealthy our kids are but wtf are we doing to show them any different….. your work schedule and not having time is an excuse.

We make time for things we care about. Trust me when I say this. Do not take your health for granted. I’d be dead if I wasn’t such a bad ass athlete before, during, and after cancer/organ transplants.

If you don’t believe me 🖕🏾 or ask my doctors.

“Superhuman resiliency” – some doctor at John Hopkins

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