Fear, Work, Teamwork.

You might see me struggle but you’ll never see me quit.

Starting something new is scary, even for coaches. Are kids going to show up? Are parents going to buy into our style? Can we get the kids to buy in? Why are we even doing this, when we could just join another team already established?

Truth he told you don’t know until you do it. Don’t let fear hold you back from doing something you truly believe in. Fear and Failure are apart of sports and life. Something that a lot of people aren’t good at dealing with because it’s easy to blame others, make excuses, or just feel sorry for yourself. In order to break that cycle we as coaches/parents need to hold ourselves accountable, face our fears, and own our failures. We can’t put expectations on our players/children if we aren’t going to hold ourselves to certain expectations also.

With any organization working together and putting the team first vital to success. All it take is one person “rowing” out of rhythm to throw off a teams direction. However, when you can get everyone to believe in your program and “rowing” together. You will reach your goals faster and easier. Not 1 person is more important than the TEAM!!! A balanced team is going to outlast a team of 3-4 pulling the doing of the work while the rest aren’t paddling.

There’s a reason why the kids from the Sandlot beat the little league team. Practice practice practice and not because they had to, because they wanted to. Get kids to fall in themselves with something. Not because you love it. AND NEVER TAKE THE FUN OUT OF IT FOR THEM.

Adversity exposes a lot of peoples true character.

It’s easy to be confident and shine when things are going your way.

But how do you react when nothing is going your way.

Complain, make excuses, blame others. OR

Find the positive, own it, look at ways you can improve the situation yourself.

From grown ass adults to kids suck it up shit is going to happen.

Hustle or lose your spot to someone who wants it more.

Sports and life it’s the same mentality.

Shut up, handle your business, and things will workout.

This is why I rarely worry about anything health wise, athletically or whatever life throws at me.

People often think I’m lucky and things always go my way. But there’s a reason why it looks like that. I put in meaningful work. I don’t waste time on bullshit. I handle my shit and move on.

Yea I’m bragging about myself and I think it’s something more people should do more often.

We are so quick to point out or flaws, which is fine. It SHOULD keep mistakes from becoming habits. But you have to acknowledge your accomplishments, be proud of yourself for making it as far as you have.

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