Show em

Taking it easy isn’t something I understand. All in or nothing.

I get asked this 15 times a week as a how do you teach passion or to get kids to give a shit.

This is the realest answer I can come up with…

You have to show them your passion. If you want them to give a shit you gotta give more shits.

When kids make a mistake they don’t get mad, they get sad. If I ever make a mistake I’d get pissed and do everything in my power to make up for it.

I look forward to the next opportunity to show it was just 1 mistake and prove to everyone I am this shit still.

If you want to succeed in sports and maybe life you have to have a level of confidence in yourself.

Look at joe flacco he was just an average joe but in his mind he was elite AF and he went on one of the best playoff runs in NFL history. Is Joe Flacco great… 👎🏽 but joe flacco believe in his ability and played great at times. 👍🏽

It starts with us parents. We set the tone and mindset for our kids and the kids we get to interact with.

If you’re going to talk it be prepared to walk it.

Stop telling them to go play and go play with them.

It’s hypocritical to yell at them to get off their electronics and go outside, while we stare at our phones or tv for hours.

You can tell me something a million times and I won’t believe you. You gotta show me.

Like ghosts, Bigfoot, unicorns, and sharks that can swim backwards. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Let’s stop talking about how good we were to our kids and show them how good we still are.

I’m just ranting because I’m fired up from watching the boys play baseball this morning.

But I am right and if I’m wrong, show me…

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