Overdosing on Content

The world we live in is changing everyday at a pace that is impossible to keep up with, yet the vast majority of us are trying . We have access to every question and answer we imaginable and I am starting to think that its not a good thing. We are so obsessed with things that are trending online we forget to live our own lives. We are more concerned with keeping up with the Kardashians than our own family and community. We all have our guilty pleasures but in todays world we have 24/7 commercial free access to them. Without self control we quickly start over using and obsessing about the lifestyles of others, we forget we have our own lives to live.

For the majority of us we are stretched so thing we are starting to neglect the most important part of growing old with a family, PARENTING. We are constantly chasing bigger houses, nicer cars, vacations, and other luxuries because we see our peers and celebrities doing these things. Forcing ourselves to work jobs we hate so we can live a life that looks good online. All while our kids are being raised by a failing school system and the internet.

The covid pandemic certainly didn’t help any of this and conspiracy theorists would say it was all apart of the plan but we are moving passed that and need to break out of our social distancing habits and get back to living.

Now our kids are socially awkward, have little to no problem solving skills, cannot hold a conversation, and are more concerned with material things than life experiences. We spend thousands on their sports a year, invest in training physical training for them, and do everything we can to provide them with what we have been. groomed to think is the best situation for them, but how many times have we asked our kids what they want to do? I would be willing to bet kids would much rather spend and hour playing catch, shooting around, fishing, or anything with mom or dad rather than go to whatever training center that the local stand out athletes go to. AND THIS IS COMING FROM SOMEONE WHO RUNS A SPORTS TRAINING FACILITY.

We need to break this cycle of more and more material things and checking to see what the latest trends and fads are and get back to the family and community. Bring back big Sunday dinners, sitting at the table together without technology, pick up basketball games, playing (having a catch for you weirdos) catch with your kids. More togetherness without the need to scroll or check our phones.

I absolutely love having a phone because I love being able to capture every moment and share it with family all over the country in a second, but lets get into the habit of snapping the photos and putting it away. Stay in the moment, our kids are only kids. for 1/4 of their lives each year they rely on us less and less. People say don’t blink because it’s true it goes by in an instant. My daughter is 16 and rarely needs me for anything. It is awesome she is so independent but at the same time I want that little girl back who cried every time I left the room.

The age of technology and trying to keep up with the trends is a race we can never when. There will always be a hunger for more, it’s not much different than a drug addict chasing a high. If you spend your entire life submerged in the content of the forever changing world you will miss out on the day to day beauty of our lives. Stop letting the norms of society inject you with content and information that is hazard to your family.


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