Getting Back to Me

How powerful is trama, depression, and anxiety….

I have very few positive memories of myself in sports prior to 2015.

Losing regional final to Loch Raven

I remember missing a game winner against elkton.

A busted nose against HDG

Losing regional final to HDG

I remember never taking football seriously. Which pissed alot of people off.

I remember leaving baseball tryouts to go play pick up basketball.

I remember leaving Cecil because I didn’t want to work hard, and left to go play with friends at Harford.

That about sums up my memories from high school & College I feel like I really under achieved athletically. I have articles that I read from those years but it still doesn’t feel real.

The last few months I’ve been busy but not really present mentally. I do less workouts with the youth, I barely write. I don’t feel depressed or anxious but I can tell something is off. My confidence in myself was fading.

Tuesday I played competitive basketball for the first time in years. Up 1 with 30 seconds left my team wanted the ball in my hands to ice the game from the line, But I turned the ball over and we lost the lead. 11 seconds left we needed a bucket and without hesitation the team looked to me again. I droved and hit a runner over 3 defenders to 🧊 the game for us as time expired.

My team never stopped believing in me, even after I almost cost us the game. How could 10 people some who barely knew me, trust & believe in me when I wasn’t even that sure of myself.

I realize l don’t need to remember the past to be me. Everyday is an opportunity to continue to show myself and others that regardless of circumstances I’M ME…. Respectfully but unapologetically Me

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