Make Your Own Luck

By definition luck means success or failure brought on by change rather than your own actions…. There is a 4 letter word that rhymes with luck that I like to uses to describe it.

Luck to me is a term that was made up for things and events that people can’t understand or find a reason for. I put it with another work I don’t like, crazy, I think they are both dismissive terms for people who aren’t willing to make the effort to understand things.

A lot of the kids I train explain making a good play, as lucky. Whether it’s them making it or someone else. I make sure to stop right then and there and explain them that its not luck. It’s because either that person is putting in the work to get better, or they aren’t confident enough in their own ability’s to acknowledge their skills.

In my case sports and health wise a lot of people tell me I am lucky. Which I take as disrespect. 1 all those silly shots and catches I made, is because i put in hours of practice doing silly stuff. 2 health wise how is it lucky to have cancer, lose 90 percent of your penis, and have 2 liver transplants…. sounds like bad luck, right? Not to me, sounds like life to me things don’t always go to plan it has nothing to do with luck. Family history, genetics, habits, and other things played a part, I’m just not smart enough to figure it out.

Now on the other side of the health issues, people say I’m lucky to be alive…… FALSE i am alive because I was always fit I prepared my mind and body to be able to handle high stress situations and get through it. It only seems lucky to people who don’t make efforts to be great, or even good at something.

Stop using bad luck or good luck as your reason for why something happens. Prepare yourself to the best of your ability and things tend to workout. Be proud of yourself and those who came before you to add value to your life. If you’re parents are rich and set you up to be success, don’t let your friends convince you that you’re “lucky” because your parents hook you up. Own that shit, be grateful for their efforts and setting you up to succeed, there should be no shame in getting a head start, run with that baton and pass it onto your loved ones so the success continues on.

If you aren’t blessed with an advantage don’t sit on your ass and complain about starting from behind, fight like hell to close in on the leader so you can hand your baton off in a better position.

We are dealt the cards we are dealt, its on us on how we play them. Luck doesn’t have anything to do it. You have total control of how you handle things, F luck.

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