Easy to Dream a Dream, But it’s Harder to Live it.

We all have dreams to do things, but we don’t all have the ambition to chase them. We let so many outside influences dictate our lives and kill our drive to reach our goals, which then is passed down to our youth. The cycle continues until someone steps out of their comfort zone and does towards what they want.

We can google quotes and watch motivational videos all day like for a temporary spark to have us make an attempt towards our goals, but often they are foiled the second something doesn’t go to plan.

We live in the world of instant gratification, not many are willing to grind day and night towards what we want. From weight loss, career, schooling, or anything else. We want to find the easiest way to get to our goal. Which isn’t completely bad, I am a firm believer in finding the easiest way to get to a goal. But somethings require work and to make real lifestyle changes. There is no easy way, it’s a daily grind and if you don’t train yourself to fall in love with the process, you’ll quit.

Existence is pain, life is hard, and we all are going to die. That’s depressing to think about but it’s facts. But if you can train your brain to appreciate the adversity, you will wake up everyday happier for things that once didn’t matter much.

I say this a lot. EMBRACE THE SUCK. No matter your situation parts of life are just going to straight up suck. But the only way to make it suck less is to face it head on and find a way through it. Complaining about it and thinking life is being unfair is an absolute waste. The sun is going to rise again tomorrow and if you don’t handle the bad, it’s going to be there when you wake up. So you might as well handle it, so tomorrow is better.

When you develop your ambition all of this stuff becomes easier, you start to enjoy the hard work of making a comeback and when things don’t go to plan you already have a plan for it. So that setback doesn’t become a stopping point, just a detour on your way to success.

Whatever your why is never stop going after it. Don’t let anyone or thing kill your ambition to be and do what you want. You might not ever reach what you THINK your goals are but that’s not failure. You fail when you quit.

When your number is called to the upper room you can walk through the gates with a smile on your face knowing that everyone you love is going to continue fighting towards their goals because you helped show them the way to live, and invested i yourself.


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