• Self-Efficacy

    Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s capabilities to organize information and execute a course of action to navigate a prospective situation. According to social psychologist Albert Bandura, self-efficacy is a key component of the self-system, which consists of an individual’s attitudes, abilities, and cognitive resources. High self-efficacy increases the likelihood of successfully achieving a givenContinue… Read more

  • Fan 1st

    Don’t take the fun out of youth sports. It’s a game; they aren’t getting, they aren’t on, they are just learning and playing a game they Be your kids number 1 fan. Bad games are going to happen thankfully tomorrow’s another day. I love coaching but I love being a parent/fan more. If your visionContinue… Read more

  • Always Moving

    Read more

  • Mount Rondo

    Some say it’s chess not checkers. But for Rondo it’s connect 4 and cornhole. 🧠 💪🏾 “I’d rather a volcano that can erupt than be extinct.“ Read more

  • Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

    This is an example post, originally published as part of Blogging University. Enroll in one of our ten programs, and start your blog right. You’re going to publish a post today. Don’t worry about how your blog looks. Don’t worry if you haven’t given it a name yet, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. Just click theContinue… Read more

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