The Future isn’t Promised….

We all are away that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, so we should live in and for the moment. Unfortunately or fortunately tomorrow comes so you have to be prepared for it.

These times are tough, with Covid, job loses, new president, common core math, murder hornets, and bills. That all and more makes it very hard to not be stressed to the max constantly. It makes it hard to live in the moment, because these moments have SEEMED pretty shitty lately…… Howeva it’s only seemed shitty because we are trained to think negatively. We are breast feed negatively from the outside world. We no longer look towards tomorrow, we are scared as shit of tomorrow. Simply because we have no clue wtf is going to happen.

Though I am not a fan of this saying. Now is a good time for it… ignorance is bliss. The lack of information can create a sense of calm that we all miss and deserve. If outside sources beyond your control have you wobbling like a bridge in an earthquake (#drake) then remove that from your life until you gain control. Do more mindless shit you enjoy, get a hobby that you can do with people you enjoy. CREATE MOMENTS YOU ENJOY.

But before you spend your life savings or do some risky shit remember, tomorrow should come. So don’t go blowing your life savings, or doing some high risk shit because YOLO. But do some things that remind you that you are alive. Don’t be afraid to live you’ll regret it when your time clock gets punched for the last time.

Make sure everyday the people you love know it, your significant other knows your bank PIN number and your best friend knows to delete your browser history. Love and Live your life, take calculated risks and if you fuck up just own it and move on. As the great philosopher Captain Kirk Cousins said. “If I die, i die.”

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