Nurturing Self-Confidence in a World Obsessed with Internet Likes

A few days ago, as I attended the Drake concert, I couldn’t help but notice a stark reality about the world young people are growing up in today. In this digital age, internet likes and followings have become more important than ever before. While many of us who are slightly older may struggle to understand it, we cannot deny that this is the way the world is shifting. It is now crucial, more than ever, to focus on building confidence in our young people, rather than breaking them down with criticism. The world we grew up in is gone, and we must adapt to this new reality.

The Power of Internet Validation:

In the grand design of life, we hope that internet likes and popularity will never truly matter. We hope that true worth will be measured by character and accomplishments. However, the harsh reality is that in today’s society, these digital metrics hold significant weight. They can shape a young person’s self-esteem and perception of their value. As adults, it is our responsibility to acknowledge this reality and take action.

Instilling Self-Confidence:

To combat the negative impacts of this digital obsession, we must prioritize instilling self-confidence in our young people. It starts with how we talk to them, how we interact with them, and how we respond to their struggles. We must be mindful of the damaging effects that negative and rude remarks, even if unintentional, can have on their self-image. It is crucial that we create a safe space where they feel valued, appreciated, and encouraged to be themselves.

Being Their Guide:

As adults, we can play a vital role in helping young people navigate this trivial world of internet validation. We need to immerse ourselves in their world, understand their challenges, and actively participate in their lives. By being supportive and involved, we can guide them towards a healthy perspective on self-worth. We can help them understand that their value extends far beyond the number of likes on a post or followers on a social media account.

Capturing Their Greatness:

One way we can contribute positively is by taking pictures of them, capturing their moments of joy and confidence. By focusing on their strengths and highlighting their unique qualities, we can help them see their true potential. When they see themselves through our lens, they gain a different perspective—one that emphasizes their inner beauty and strengths.

In a world where internet likes and followings are increasingly important, it is our duty to ensure that young people grow up with strong self-confidence. We must recognize that the world they inhabit is different from the one we knew, and adapt our approach accordingly. Let’s be mindful of our words and actions, avoiding negative and damaging remarks. Instead, let’s emerge ourselves in their world, guide them towards self-confidence, and help them rise above the superficiality of internet validation. Together, we can empower the next generation to see their true worth and navigate a world that places such emphasis on digital metrics.

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