The Impact of Being Called “Coach” by Kids I’ve Never Coached

I wanted to take a moment to share a heartwarming experience that has been truly meaningful to me. It’s about something that has made me appreciate the power of influence and how seriously I take it. Let me tell you about the incredible feeling of being called “Coach” by kids I’ve never even coached.

Giving two kids wooden bats and giving them a pep talk.

It all started when a young softball player began referring to me as “Coach” without any formal association or coaching experience between us. At first, I was taken aback, unsure of how to respond. However, as time went on, I realized just how profound this simple title was and the impact it had on my life.

To be seen as a coach, a mentor, or a role model by these young minds, even with barely knowing me, is a testament to the trust and respect they place in me. It has made me realize the responsibility that comes with such a title, and I am grateful for the opportunity to positively influence their lives, even in the smallest of ways.

This unexpected role has made me reflect on the importance of being a person of integrity, character, and compassion. It has pushed me to continuously strive to be the best version of myself, knowing that so many young people look up to me. Their faith in me has become a driving force to consistently improve and become a better person.

Being called “Coach” has taught me the value of embracing the influence I have on others, no matter how limited our interactions may be. It has made me more mindful of my actions, words, and the way I carry myself in everyday life. Whether it’s being an example of good sportsmanship or demonstrating the importance of hard work and dedication, I am committed to being the kind of person these young individuals can be proud of.

Additionally, their unwavering belief in me has instilled a sense of purpose and motivation that transcends my own personal goals. It has ignited a fire within me to inspire and empower others, not just on the field or in sports but in all aspects of life. The idea that I can positively impact young minds, even without a formal coaching role, has become a driving force behind my desire to make a difference.

So, to all the kids who call me “Coach” without ever being coached by me, thank you. Thank you for reminding me of the incredible power we have to influence others, and for inspiring me to be the best version of myself. Your trust, admiration, and unwavering support have made me realize that being called “Coach” is not just an honorary title, but a lifelong commitment to lead by example.

Remember, each one of us has the ability to impact lives, no matter how big or small. Let’s embrace the opportunity to be a positive influence, just like these amazing kids have shown me.

With heartfelt gratitude,


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