Life has shifted, a lot of people say we are getting soft as human beings, especially men. With all the mental health issues coming to light, man buns, and tight clothes, it appears we could be getting less “manly”. But here’s my take on it….

Show your young boys to embrace ALL their emotions rather than look for a way to hide them, let them develop their own style, and how they want to look.

Raise an INDIVIDUAL who takes no shit, questions everything, and isn’t scared to work.

Being a hardass is exhausting. You constantly feel like you have something to prove. You tend to over work, over spend, and over use things you shouldn’t because it’s what makes you feel tougher.

Being disrespectful to woman, peers, or people who think differently doesn’t make you look tough. It makes you look like an ass. Your manliness doesn’t come from a beer, dip, beard, truck, or other bullshit society labels you as manly.

Knowing how to do certain things makes you handy and I think things should be taught and passed down, but knowing how to change a tire or build a fence doesn’t make or break your manliness.

We need to stop belittling our youth for not fitting the standards of the Marbolo man and let them know it’s ok to be emotional but you have to face them head on, not shy away from them.

We have people learning how to be functioning members of society by watching us ( and tik tok) Be who you are, but don’t stop them from being who they are. Take the time to try and understand why they feel how they do.

If they are playing baseball and get smacked with the ball. Don’t yell at them for crying, there more likely to quit and that shit hurts. Encourage them to head to first base and prepare them for the next step of the game. You can cry on 1st while you prepare to steal second. In a nut shell that is life. Life is going to come at you fast and hard. Sometimes it’s going to smack you right upside your head. Then you have a choice. Continue you cry and feel bad for yourself. Or get up, deal with the emotions and prepare to take control of the situation and use it in your favor. Make whoever wronged you ( pitcher) regret it, steal second, steal third, and take home too given the opportunity.

You’re “soft” if you allow others to dictate who you should be. You wanna be a man handle your shit and as much shit as you can for others.

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