Anger Is Controllable

Anger is one of the most controllable emotions but few can control it. It starts with understanding some things are out of our hands and that everyone sees things differently.

I did this thing with a group of kids I train about anger and focusing on the controllables while not letting others opinions get us mad.

I started an argument about the color of the turf. its green but i argued it was blue. the entire group was ready to fight me because I refused to see it as green like them.

then I asked them why it matter to them so much that I thought it was blue. they answered with because I was wrong and wouldn’t admit it.

So Being right was so important to them, they were ready to go to war and ruin a relationship. Simply over a difference of opinion of fake grass. completely meaningless in the big picture.

In sports and life people are going to be wrong and even with instant replay and the majority telling them its wrong. They might not change their minds or the call.

Rather than getting angry, learn to let it go. Very few good things come from anger, anger itself is usually a secondary emotion that we deal with based on expectations we created. But exceptions deserve a post all to its self.

Starting today lets stop letting uncontrollables control our emotions. Being angry doesn’t look good on any of us and has cost us more than it has helped us.

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