The title of this might piss some people of and my explanation hopefully will too. I honestly couldn’t care less who I offend, this is MY opinion.

Labels are meant for food not people. I think change comes when we lose our labels as African Americans and just be Americans. Black people in France don’t call themselves African French, they are French. As far as I know which isn’t very far Americans are the only people with a label African American, Native America?? Seriously how stupid is it that the people who originally lived here even have a label? I get it we are a blended country of many different places, but why do we have to carry the title of a place that most of us have never been. If you switch jobs or even genders you don’t bring your old title with you, unless your Prince.

This isn’t me saying I’m not proud of my African heritage, but I think in order to start seeing more positive change we need to stop finding ways to separate ourselves and find more ways we are alike.

No matter of your families history be proud of it. If your family owned slaved, were slaves, are drunks, or whatever. Be aware of it and be proud of it… Wait did I just say be proud that you owned slaves or are a drunk… FUCK yea I did hear’s why, WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES AND HAVE FUCKED UP FAMILY MEMBERS!!!! learn from their mistakes to be better or repeat them and continue the cycle. When you grow through something negative you become so much. stronger in every aspect in life.

I don’t expect anyone to agree with me. I won’t force this thought on my kids. I do as much as I can to make them aware of their ethnicity both black and white sides. My African relatives are a big part of me even though I don’t know a single one of my blood relatives. I know who the fuck I am, and I will defend that and them until death. All I am saying is we need to stop allowing people to put labels on us as people. We decide who and what we are.

I am an American with African and Irish ancestors that I honor and represent everyday by how I handle myself, and raise my family.


  1. Dear son,
    Enter English in there too. Your biological mum was English on Dads side, Irish on mums side.
    No matter what you are loved😍

  2. Africans the world over would appreciate this post, as I do. Africans believe the only thing uniting them with those claiming African descent is the term ‘Black’. However, like you, I tell my African friends I am not ‘Black’ and I tell my ‘Black’ friends I am not African American. Even though they tell me I am crazy, I let them know I would rather be an ‘American’ only than be the classifications they choose which has them divided and fighting among themselves while blaming others for their sub-standard conditions.

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