Pop’s Culture (Kobe)

I have been obsessed with Kobe Bryant since I first heard his name. I’ve studied his game, mindset, and entire journey. I wanted to be Kobe Bryant the basketball player.

As I grew older and started raising a family and dealing with some health setbacks I was struggling. I had plenty of positive male role models but I didn’t always make the best decisions.

As my activity levels slowed I started becoming obsessed with learning and developing as a person, which brought me even closer to Kobe. He was a tremendous talent but the things he did off the court for others and his family blew me away.

Him passing this year hit me a lot harder than I initially thought it would. Though we never met and now never will. I felt like I lost a best friend and mentor. His influence helped mold me into the father I am and competitor.

We only get 1 biological father, but we are blessed to have so many father figures to look up to. Moving forward, inspired by Kobe, My adopted father, grandfathers, uncles, and so on myself and some friends are going to continue to grow the youth in our community with a little project called Pop’s Culture……. STAY TUNED

And watch Kobe Bryant’s muse and read mamba mentality, then thank me when you’re done.

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