Mastery Experiences

Mastery Experiences: In order for athletes to prosper, they must have experiences that make them more capable of handling various situations. Learning to handle adversity is what allows top athletes to perform in high stress situations.

While at the same time if they fail they are able to handle it and perform when the opportunity presents itself again

One of the most costly errors that doesn’t count as an error is not backing each other up in the outfield. You may do it 100 times and never be used. Then you decide to not hustle over, ball is miss played, roles to the fence, and 3 runs score. You’re mad at the fielder, he’s mad at you, and the coach is mad at everyone. Team moral and individual confidence take a hit and it’s hard to recover from that. In sport and life your team needs to know that you have their back . Develop good habits in practice and they WILL become instinct come game time.

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