Emotional & Physiological States

Emotional & Physiological States: The state you’re in will influence how you judge your self-efficacy. Depression, for example, can dampen confidence in our capabilities. Stress reactions or tension are interpreted as signs of vulnerability to poor performance whereas positive emotions can boost our confidence in our skills.

Where we are mentally plays a huge part in our performance, drive to get better, and can even roll into our physical well being.

This just doesn’t effect adults. Children are under constant scrutiny from peers, parents, bullies, social media, and many other outside influences.

As parents and coaches we need to do everything we can to provide them with a positive headspace.

Short term it’s going to help the team and the individual NOW.

Long term it’s going to help them realize the opinion of others do not matter and how to handle the stress of life in a more positive manor.

The stronger we can build their foundation the more likely they are to weather the storms of life and sport.

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